Trying to find a way to watch the fan exhaust

i saw somewhere about a script that would watch system resources similar to istat and the email me if levels go above what i set. any help would be GREATLY appreciated thx.:confused:

There is a SH command that does (I think) get’s the fan’s rps. And, I have a script that does email. YOUR IN LUCK! :smiley:

Try this. You will have to place onto your desktop first. It doesn’t send an email yet. I’ll get to it:

set i to ""
	set o to i
	set text item delimiters to " Actual speed : "
	do shell script "~/Desktop/smc -f"
	set i to text item 2 of result
	set text item delimiters to "\r    Minimum speed: "
	set i to text item 1 of i
	if i > o + 100 then
	end if
	delay 1
end repeat