Trying to generate a test print mini ap.

I have been trying using Automator to build a small application to run a daily test pattern printout through my Epson R800 printer driven by an iCal alarm.

My motivation is that having just returned fro a two week vacation, I found that several nozzles of my printer had clogged due to lack of activity.

Using Automator I used just a few steps:

  1. Select from the Finder Library “Get Specified Finder Items.”

  2. From the same Library select “Print Finder Items.”

  3. In the “Print Finder Items” window, select my printer, and the option “Show Action When Run.”

  4. Drag the tiff file I want to print to the “Get Specified Finder Items” window.

  5. Select from the Automator File Menu the “Save as Plug-In” to save the mini application to the iCal workflow folder.

6 Set the time in iCal for the event.

All this worked and the mini application runs as planned.

My problem is that after the printer starts I get the red flashing light indicating a paper misfeed. There is nothing wrong with paper or the feeding path. If I perform a regular printing from the pull down menu the printing process works as normal.

I am running OS 10.4.8. I have the very latest Epson driver installed,

I have talked to both Epson and Apple with no suggestions provided. Neither have heard of the problem. Apple provides no support on Automator, even with my paid extended care.

Anyone else got a suggestion?

Model: Mac. Mini
Browser: Safari 419.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

A simple trick is to drag the tif into a TextEdit document (nothing else), save the doc where you want it, and then print that from TextEdit.

I tried a similar step using Preview and Print from Preview in Automater. The problem is that when running the Automater generated application it requests a manual “Continue” step before printing.