Trying to get data from global varible of Filemaker

hi there,

I �m trying to get data from global varible of Filemaker,

tell application “Filemaker Developer”
tell database “mydatabase.fp5”
set myValue to field “global variable” as string
display dialog myValue
end tell
end tell

it show me some times the same value, depending of number of record.

how do I get th global varible only one?



There is a difference between ‘field’ and ‘cell’. ‘field’ could more reasonably called ‘column’ since you’re getting all the values from the column fieldName of the target database, thus a list. To get one value from a global field, use ‘cell’.

tell app “FileMaker Pro” to set globalVariableValue to cell globalVariableCell of database 1

is running with cell
Thank you