Trying to make teamspeak server 3 open at startup

I am attempting to write an applescript startup script, so when the computer is restarted, I won’t have to do this manual each time.

It requires the terminal to be open and point to the folder that the ts3server_mac unix exe file.

then execute it from that folder ./tw3server_mac

I have attempted to a shell script, with fail written all over it…

any ideas would be appreciated.

Something like this?

tell application "Terminal"
		set output to history of (do script "cd ~/Cheesespeak3folder ; ./tw3server_mac" in the front window)
	on error
		set output to history of (do script "cd ~/Cheesespeak3folder ; ./tw3server_mac")
	end try
end tell

Just make sure you replace the ‘Cheesepeak3folder’ with the path to the desired folder.

thanks… that works great… i knew it would be to easy to think about :wink: