Trying to save psd to a server. How do i specify the path?

HI all,

Following is a portion of a script that will save a photoshop file locally (thePath), but i need to change it to save to a location on an afp volume. How do specify that path? tried “Volumes:ServerName:” and a few variations, but got errors, if i remember correctly, that the path could not be found. would love help! This script will need to run on both leopard and snow.

tell application “Finder”

set thePath to (path to home folder as string)
set myFinalFile to thePath & "hello.psd"

end tell

tell application “Adobe Photoshop CS4”
set myOptions to {class:Photoshop save options, embed color profile:true, save spot colors:false, save alpha channels:true, save annotations:true, save layers:true}

save document 1 in file myFinalFile as Photoshop format with options myOptions appending no extension without copying

end tell

Hi, just run this script and look at the path returned in the results.

(choose file) as text

PErfect. Thanks so much!