Turn "Enable GUI" on remotely.

Our build does not come with the AppleScript Enable GUI enable. I want to use ARD to turn this on.

I have the Applescript to enable this option.

tell application "System Events"
	set UI elements enabled to true
end tell

The problem is that it requires administrator authentication.

Is there a way to have Applescript auto authenticate this, or is there a way to do this with Unix?

Any help would be appreciated.

here is a solution from macosxhints:


But, unfortunately, this still requires that the password be in the script.

I know, I’ve interpreted the question to find a possibility to automate the authentication

I don’t care if the password is in the script, because it would be used once remotely, and then discarded.

Also, I believe you can send the unix command over ARD as root, and the unix command would be authenticated automatically by ARD.

Thanks so much for the info. It solves my problem.