Tutorial on applescript studio

Hi everyone,
I am looking for a tutorial on applescript studio. I have some experience with applescript but have no idea what you can do with applescript studio and how it works.

Does someone know a good free tutorial on applescript studio?

many thanks


there are a couple of helpful articles on MacScripter itself, just search for AppleScript Studio.
Personally I’ve learned the most important things studying the sample projects in /Developer/Examples/AppleScript Studio/

Yeah i have looked around a bit…
That means i have to learn how to use Interface Builder 3.0 first?

Interface Builder and Xcode are connected together.

The third option is to read the hugh Xcode documentation.
For example you can start from scratch with Creating a Hello World Application

Ah yeah i looked at things like this already but my problem was they are not written for interfacebuilder 3.0. ( for some earlier version i think)

So i can’t really figure out how to do that in IB 3.0. And i couldn’t find any good tutorials for IB 3.0.

IB 3.0 is very similar to version 2 (at least the basics).
Just drag elements from the library window into your custom window and connect them in the Inspector window with your script in Xcode

There are a good set of tutorials by Ben Waldie here:

AppleScript Studio Tutorial - Getting Started
AppleScript Studio Tutorial - Getting Started with Buttons (Part 1)
AppleScript Studio Tutorial - Getting Started with Buttons (Part 2)
AppleScript Studio Tutorial - Getting Started with Displaying Progress
AppleScript Studio Tutorial - Getting Started with Table Views
AppleScript Studio Tutorial: Getting Started Using Tab Views
Applescript Studio Tutorial: Polishing Your App 2 - Secrets Not In The Manual
Applescript Studio Tutorial: Polishing Your Application
Applescript Studio: About the About Box

Ok thank you very much…
But there all writen for IB 2.0.
Is there a way i can go back to the previous version of IB?
Cause i now have IB 3.0


The basics in IB2 and IB3 are exactly the same.
I’d like to encourage you to find out the things by playing with them.

A major part of AppleScript was, is and will be trial & error

Yeah i guess you’re right.
Il do that;)

thx very much

Hi Adam
I tried the links you provide above to Ben Waldie articles but I get empty pages
Can you please help?
I searched for them one by one but I have trouble finding some of them

MacScripter has changed the structure (and some URL’s) of the board

You can find all tutorials in unScripted here

Xcode has it’s own help documentation under the help menu… choose “Documentation”. Then in the resulting window search by “title” and “all doc sets” and search for:

  1. AppleScript Studio Programming Guide
  2. AppleScript Studio Terminology Reference

These 2 documents tell you everything and include tutorials.

Thanks Guys,

I found the documents and I am digesting them.

Next I mean to port a bundle applescript appl to AS Studio.
Should be fun!