Two problems with scripts

I am new to applescript, but I already love it. I need some serious training.
I am attempting to use applescript to accomplish two very important and
impactfull tasks.

#1. I am trying to overide the osX ram allocation for an application and ramp
the ram to as high as possible (note, only two apps will be running, ghost recon
and gameranger. <— not an advert.

#2 I am attempting to write and applescript along with mail’s rules to recieve an
email from an individual that will restart a “crashed” game hosted on gameranger.
“crashing” is when the app is overcome by the multiplayer connections and the high
quantity of graphics processing.

 If anybody has any recources that they used, please list them on this forum.  books, audio books, magazines, online recources, a really really smart cousin.  anything.   thanks. :oops:

Hi bigtex,

This is untested but you should be able to set a rule in Mail that is triggered by the individual’s address and then have it run this script to launch gameranger. You might be required to locate the gameranger application file when you first compile the script. I don’t have access to Panther and I don’t know if this is one of the things that changed in Panther’s Mail. If that’s what you are running and this doesn’t work, someone else might offer the code required for a rule driven script.

on perform_mail_action(info)
	tell application "gameranger" to launch
end perform_mail_action

Have fun with AppleScript and good luck!

– Rob

I will use that to see if the mail rules will work with it, i am dealing with a much bigger
problem than just launching the apps though, i didn’t post this with the first topic, but
neither gameranger or ghost recon have a dictionary to look at. I would expect it for
the ghost recon game (since it was ported and not actually written for a mac), but I
am a little disappointed with gameranger, since it’s a mac only online gaming app.

 I basically am just frustrated that the switching campaign isn't more successfull. 

It will be so much easier when everyone else on earth comes to the shocking conclusion
that pc’s are obsolete. I know as well as most of you that the mac shall inherit the earth. : ) thanks.