Two saving objects in one document window?


I try to public my problem again.

Is it possible to save and open the contents of two different objects (table views) in one document window?

And if it is, how to manage it?


I’m not sure what the problem is here. If you have 2 tables then when your program quits save the values of the first table to one file and save the values of the second table to a second file. Then when you program launches read in the first file and set the first table to those values… and do the same for your second table.

That’s corret! I tried to explain my problem some days ago in the post “A useless window”.
Everybody knows, if you are opening a saved document file the contents will apeare in a new window, even an empty window is allready in front.
That is the same problem in my case. I get an additional empty window after opening the second file. I don’t want it.