Two TableViews. Instanstantiate a second applescript file

So the long of it is that I have an app with 2 table views.
The App delegate is linked in Interface Builder as the dataSource…
So I made a second applescript file to be the dataSource for the second table view…
its in another window and the structure of the table view is completely different than the first.

So my question is how can I instanstantiate the second applescript so that I can see it in Interface Builder and link it
properly to the TableView?

Instanstantiating Classes used to be possible in an older version of XCode, but I can’t seem to find that option now.
Is that not allowed for secondary applescript files?

If it’s not allowed than how can I handle having two different TableView objects who are referencing the same
dataSource ( app delegate )?

So far I’ve had no luck in propagating the first table without it also propagating the second with null fields.
Any and all info on this matter will be highly appreciated.

Model: Power Mac G5 12-core, XCode v 3.2.6
AppleScript: 2.3
Browser: Safari 534.51.22
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Crap. I’m sorry guys.
I figured out to grab a blue box from the library and set it to the second applescript file as it’s class.
I read it on this forum where someone else had a problem with arrays and lists in a pulldown menu.

Thanks for this place… It really is a gem.

Are you refering to an “NSObject” blue cube which then you can rename to your other appleScript?


Yes. Correct. I grabbed it out of the library then using the identity inspector I was able to set it’s class to the second applescript file, thus instanstantiating it and allowing me to set it as the datasource for the second table view.
it worked perfectly.

In the library it’s under the Library Cocoa - Objects and Controller section.