Type an abbreviations to get a long string

With APPLESCRIPT only, I would like to make abbreviations to type faster. In any application, if I type the short string (left side) followed by SPACE or TAB, I will get automatically the long string (right side). Can APPLESCRIPT do this, how?
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CONFIG: iMac on Mac OS X Sierra 11.12

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You’re asking if Applescript can watch all the text typed for any application and perform text substitutions (shortcut expansion)?

If it’s possible, it sounds messy and I wouldn’t recommend it. Unless maybe there are some Applescript Objective C tricks to implement it that I don’t know about.

Text Expander is for exactly what you want to do:


Although looking at that, it appears to be a subscription now? That’s annoying. It used to be something like $20 for a static license.

Here are alternatives:


You can do this using system preferences and it will work in every application that uses CoreText. I don’t think you’ll need AS at all.

Hey Sam,


AppleScript-only means building a slow service to run your AppleScript – or using a utility like FastScripts (which is better in my opinion).

The system’s text-replacement faculty is poor at best.

This is one of those cases when you really want a full fledged utility like Typinator.

I started using TypeIt4Me back when it first came on the scene, and it changed my computing life.

I gave it up back in 2008, because it wasn’t being updated very consistently at the time – and I picked TextExpander as the best-of-breed replacement.

Unfortunately TextExpander got really buggy after a couple of years, and in 2010 I found Typinator.

I’ve used Typinator quite happily ever since and have been very pleased with the responsiveness of the developers to bug reports and feature requests.


Because I use my abbreviations almost/only in Chrome, the extension ProKeys is perfect for my needs. And it allowes me to export/import my abbreviations to use them in Chrome on another iMac
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