Type Creator Changing on Network Volume

I need help with an applescript droplet. The last file migration caused all our Quark 4 documents to lose their type/creator files. I wrote a little applescript to make a droplet that changes the type/creator codes and add a .qxd to the end. It works great on local files, but once they are on the server (OSX server) it only adds the .qxd, but not the type/creator. It is driving me nuts! What am I missing?

on open droppeditems
	tell application "Finder"
		set creator type of (item 1 of droppeditems) to "XPR3"
		set file type of (item 1 of droppeditems) to "XDOC"
		set name of (item 1 of droppeditems) to (((name of item 1 of droppeditems) as string) & ".qxd")
	end tell
end open


Oh - I do have full permissions to the folders on the server. In fact I did find an applescript called ‘Typeator’ that has you browse for a file and shows you the current type/creator and lets you change them. It works fine for server files, and if I use a choose dialog it works for me too, but I need a ‘zero work’ solution for the art directors.



Are the files on a PC-based or Apple-based server?

If it is PC-based there may be a setup problem on the server and the resource fork is being stripped and can’t be replace or “fixed” since that is where Type/Creator is stored.

If it’s an Apple-based server…haven’t the foggiest idea.

It is an Apple OSX server. And I am part of the Administrators group too!