Type select on first column only in a table with multiple columns

I have a multi=column table. I am trying to use the Type Select attribute of the table view to select a row based on values in the first column only. Is this possible?

For now, I’ve decided to place the data from the 6 columns into a single column. This at least allows Type Select based on the first letters of the column (last name in my case). Of course it doesn’t look as nice as having the data in 6 columns, but for now I’ll compromise.

The documentation for an NSTableView has this delegate method: tableView:typeSelectStringForTableColumn:row:. If you know how to use objective-c methods with an applescript studio project then you could use that to control type-selecting to just the first column.

Thanks for the info. Since posting my question I’ve found that type selecting is a bit quirky. If you type too soon after a selection has been made, you get a computer beeping at you. I finally figured out how to use sqlite3 with a search field selecting records for populating the table (with columns). Though loading the database takes a bit longer at startup (generating the database), the final solution is definitely more elegant.