Ugh I'm a total noob

There’s a command or term for text boxes right?

What I want to do is make a script that allows you to make a new post on a fourm or on a bulletin on myspace. You could call up the script with the voice command then type in a text box (how do I make them bigger?) what you wanted to post and then it would so you don’t have to even go to the website.

Instead of a text box you could try this, presuming that the variable with the text in is the_text:

tell application "TextEdit"
set the_text to the text of the front document
end tell

This would allow you to even save often used texts as a txt file and you’d have a easy to use text box.

To enlarge a dialog text box, there is a very imperfect tecnique:

display dialog "hello" default answer return & return & return & return & return

This would give a pre-filled text box of 6 lines. Add or remove &returns to change the number of lines.
Hope this helped!

Ok cool is there a way to make the text from the

display dialog "hello" default answer return & return & return & return & return

script post to say these fourms in this topic? Thank you!

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Hi Stadsman,

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