UI Scripting to fill Date Time Field and Tag List Field

Hi all,

I’m currently working on a script to fill a Quick Entry window (of 2Do for Mac) with data extracted from an email message. This Quick Entry window contains a couple of “simple text fields” but also two DateTime fields and one Tag List field (sort of NSTokenField).

I have no problem filling the different fields, however only the simple text fields retain the data when I save the Quick Entry window. The data of the DateTime Fields and the TagList Field is not being saved.

For the simple text fields, the following syntax is working fine :

set value of text field 1 of window 1 to "String 1"

For the Tag List field, if I do the following :

set value of text field 2 of window 1 to "String 1, String 2"

I get “visually” two tags “String 1” and “String 2” but the data is not retained when I save the window.

Using the trial of UI Browser, I found that the two actions of that field are confirm and cancel, so I tried adding a

confirm text field 2 of window 1

but that didn’t change anything. Same with the Date/Time Fields.

Is there some other step I’m missing?

Thanks a lot for your help / suggestions.