UI Scripting

I’ve been writing a script to reduce down time of my ShoutCast broadcasted audio stream and I’ve got it so that it monitors the server and Audion (The app playing the outgoing stream) and if either or both goes down for what ever the rason the script relaunches. Also servs as a login item so if power goes out the server is relaunched as soon as power comes back on and the computer restarts. But the one last step in the process that it does not yet do is click the “Start” button in the “Stream” window in Audion. So everyhting I’ve done so far is useless if I can’t get the script to do that step too. I’ve tried both “UI Element Inspector” and “PreFabUIBrowser” and neither one works. The get me the path to the elements just fine but when I click the perform action button on the element, nothing. Any one got any Ideas?

I should probably mention I’m using OS X 10.2.8

I have been using pySide2 its Qt for python to build python application.

I was reading this topic https://macscripter.net/viewtopic.php?pid=170345#p170345

Question does the above reference still work 2020 ??

My second question would it be possible to use Adobe ScriptUI to pipe data to AppleScript ??

I do know its possible to execute jsx with ExtendScript Toolkit without Adobe applications.

Ps. I do not use #target to do this.