UISwitch in ASOC (Like in TimeMachine Prefs)


Is it somehow possible (via Plugin for example) to use a UISwitch (the On/Off Toggle from iPhone/TimeMachine) in a ASOC app?

I’d love to have a big nice on/off toggle, but didn’t find any.

This is all I have found so far.



Well, the UISwitch isn’t in there, but well, its not that important.
I guess I just use a recessed button (toggle on toggle off) then.
Not that eye-catching but it will do the job.

on similiar subject, i already found BWToolkit as IB-plugin.

Are there some other frameworks that are cool?
Is somewhere a good website that linkes them?


I think the “MondoSwitch” is what you should look at

Here’s a list of site with Frameworks


You can also make your own if you’re happy with a simple transition. Just find/make two pics, add them to your bundle, add an NSImageView, then subclass it with something like:

script AView
	property parent : class "NSImageView"
	property x : true
	on mouseDown_(theEvent)
		if x = true then
			my setImage_(current application's NSImage's imageNamed_("OnImage"))
			set my x to false
			-- call main handler here
			my setImage_(current application's NSImage's imageNamed_("OffImage"))
			set my x to true
		end if
	end mouseDown_
end script

Thanks Eric, this was exactly what I was looking for.

Hey Craig, how do you set that UMEKit up. I can’t seem to find an .ibplugin like a lot of the third party frameworks have