Unicode and iChat Status

Hi! I need some help. I want to mix Unicode code with string convert in Unicode text and this don’t work I tried the code iself work. The text “test” work too. But both with a “&” between and this give me always an error. :cry: If someone can tell me me what is wrong, this will help a lot. See my example below:

tell application "iChat"
     if status is available then
          set status message to «data utxt266C0020» & ("test" as Unicode text)
     end if
end tell

Thanks very much in advance!

What should «data utxt266C0020» evaluate to?

– Rob

You want to know what is «data utxt266C0020»?
This is musical symbol and space. The musical symbol
only exist in Unicode that’s why I want to combine
Unicode code only plus text convert in Unicode text.

I see what you mean. For some reason, it doesn’t want to concatenate and I can’t find a way to overcome it.

– Rob

Here’s how you overcome it:

The Unicode symbol only displays as a space on my machine but it is, in fact, adding the the two strings together.


Thank you very much!! This work! :smiley:
I understand the idea behind except why put “set the_text to status message” and
“return {the_text, class of the_text}”. This work without this. Just explain why I will need to use this 2 ligns. :wink:

Those two lines were just to prove that it actually worked, they weren’t necessary. In fact, the whole thing can be simplified to: