Universal applescripts? Akua?

Sorry for my horrible lack of scripting skills… I just cobbled together some lengthy scripts for the students in our school district to login and logout with… I have been using my iMac, running 9.2.1 to create these scripts – which are taken from other scripts. (It’s how I learn… copy and add, copy and add…)

I was SO BUMMED when I copied the working scripts to a computer running 8.1 – and the

mount volume “afp://bla.bla.bla/My Documents” as user “username”

caused an error… I THEN found out that it wasn’t supported in AS1.1.2 to mount volumes… So then I have been looking and looking for how to make these scripts work. Akua Sweets 1.4.3 seems to have the ability to mount volumes on older machines, but I can’t find any documentation on how to use all the functions! Am I missing something? Is there a help file that is installed with the akua package? Am I supposed to just “know” how to use 'em?

Please help a lowly tech director trying to squeeze a few more years out of old macs for his students…

Thank you,

I’ve never tried to mount a volume on any OS pre 9.1 but there is a chap in another post that is having the same problem as you only he is trying to update. You could try the code that used to work for him using 9.0.4

mount volume "afp://username:password@ipaddress/volume"

*NOTE: I have no way of testing this but it is worth a shot

Good luck!

You can try these alternative scripting additions: “MountVol” & “MountVolume” shipped '93 & '94, respectively:

Both additions have the same syntax. One of them is “originally posted by Jim Luther”. The other one is Apple’s version…

Thank you for the suggestions. I ended up doing 2 things…

  1. I downloaded “MountIP” which is a very simple OSAX that does just that… mounts via IP. :slight_smile:

  2. Moved an older computer into my office, installed OS8.1, and I’m doing all my scripting there. :slight_smile: That way I’m sure it is going to work on the target computers.

  3. Gave up on Akua Sweets. I think I’m missing something somewhere. I googled like crazy looking for SOMETHING to explain all the “200 commands” it provides… but I just don’t see anything anywhere.

Thanks again,

Yes… Akua has been always so poorly documented, and I’ve never did work some commands… But the ones which work ok, are SO OK!
Expect it ships soon at OS X! :slight_smile: