Universal Binary problem


I am trying to see if I could compile my AS Studio application in Universal Binary format.

However, I cannot see the “Release” configuration option in my Xcode 2.2. I only see Default, Development and Deployment.

I double-checked to make sure I have all other components such as SDK and I have also made sure to set my target application to native. But when I try to compile, no such thing as “Release” configuration shows.

Is there something else I need? Or is my Xcode 2.2 kind of deficient?

Thanks for any lead.

archseed :frowning:

AFAIK, Release = Deployment.


I tried to set the build to deployment per your tip and it successfully compiled as a universal application. Now, all I got to do is run it in MacIntel to be sure.

I actually could not find the option to compile for both PPC and Intel. Found it eventually by double clicking the “Architecture” option in the config pane. This was the option that I could not find earlier so I was wondering whether there really was a “Release” build option which was shown time and again in the docs for building universal apps.

Many thanks.

archseed :slight_smile:

Xcode used to call the standard build options Development and Deployment, but at some point that changed to Debug and Release.



I wish Apple could at least have explained somewhere where they cited Debug and Release what their previous names were instead of making people guess. Or is is something I badly missed in their documentation?

Oh well. Thanks once again for the clarification, guys.

archseed :slight_smile: