unix mail: use bold style in message

Hi There,
I’m using the unix mail command to send notification emails which is working fine. I would like to be able to apply a bold style to certain variables in the body content of the email. I have tried to style the variable using the tput commands but alas this does nothing. I read somewhere that maybe I could pass html tags but I don’t know how to tell the mail command that the message is in html format or even if this is possible. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. I would like to stick with a shell script for this if possible!

set messTo to "name@address.co.uk"
set messSub to "A test from shell script mail"
set messBody to "\"is this " & "`tput bold`BOLD`tput sgr0`" & " text\""

do shell script "echo " & messBody & " | mail -s " & (quoted form of messSub) & space & messTo


I am sometimes using mutt to send (HTML)-eMails from the command line:

mutt -e 'set content_type="text/html"' me@apple.com -s "Subject" < /Users/martin/Desktop/sample.html

But don’t tell anyone… :cool: