Unreadable Post

Was out for a while, trying to catch up on some old posts.

This one: https://www.macscripter.net/viewtopic.php?id=46327

Which shows like this in the index:

When I click the link, I just get a page that says:

Euhm… I think the well known phrase “Well, that escalated quickly” is a perfect description to what happened here.

If you’re really curious: I responded to the first post question which I thought was a general programming related question, so I responded in that context. However my answer was used out of context to start (or revive) a personal vendetta against one of our regulars here (for the record: an user I like to see here on MS). The admins and moderator thought it would be better to close and delete the topic because at the end there was little to none real pure/specific AS information in the topic; only hatred against a specific user.

in short: Admins have deleted the topic. Bad user management, bug in FluxBB or lack of executing a proper custom query lead to orphaned data in the database that eventually throws the error you see.

OK. Not surprised the topic exploded into vitriol given the history of that subject line, which rang a bell when I saw it. But I would have expected a different error message… something about moderators removing the thread, that kind of thing.

Thanks for the explanation.