Unusual problem

So all of my scripts have been combed over. Everything works as it should…BUT when I call a command (credits) so I can get the version info and credited information… It has an old version listed. When I open up the script that it is reading the right info is there… I’ve tested the script on two computers and I get the same answer each time… I would post the script here, however as StefanK knows this script when put together is over 25 pages long. So my question to you is have you ever had a script that relayed information from a previous version of the script even though the current script has been wrote over? and the correct information is in the script?

Does iChat have a cache? I don’t know how that would work… But when I run the script in the editor it give me the right info. Restarted the computers, same issue. I’m rebuilding permissions on both computers now, maybe it’s just a fluke.