Unzip, Add to iTunes, delete from Downloads, add Grouping to ID3?

I’m trying to have an Applescript that can be used as a Folder Action to:

  1. Watch the Downloads folder and open .zip and .rar archives.
  2. Parse the then unarchived folder for .mp3 or .m4a files and if found then add them to iTunes.
  3. Add ‘album’ to their Grouping field.
  4. Then delete original folder of .mp3s from Downloads folder.

Bonus points if the script adds the .mp3s to iTunes in descending order based on file name track numbers if they exist. Examples: “02_Song_Name.mp3” or “02 Song Name.mp3”.

Meaning they would be added like: track 10, track 9, track 8, track 7, track 6, and so on. Reason for this is that I listen to my iTunes library sorted by Date Added.

I’m dead in the water on this, can anyone help me? Thank you!


I have to do some experiments with folder actions first, I’ll come back to you when they are done.

What you basically are meaning is that if you have a song named 10_Siamese_twins.mp3 from the folder cure_the_singles, which came from the zip file cure_the_singles.zip, and that track was the last, then that track should be added first?

Sure you don’t want them added so that the first track ends up at the first track and so on?

I think I may have misunderstood this perfectly.

And this might involve slightly more work than you think, but it is within limits if I get the necessary facts about folder actions - rereads - reads up.

But this folder action will work considerably slower than the previous one, If it doesn’t die of a timeout or something. :slight_smile:

I don’t care about how long it takes, I’m just into having my computer do that for me and believe that it is possible.

What you stated below is exactly what I mean (LOVE the Cure :wink: ).


That is how my iTunes is set up to be listened to, by ‘Date Added’. That way the songs are added from last to first and will play from first to last, get it? :smiley:

That said, that part is a BIG “I wish”, I primarily would just want to open zip or rar files once they have completed downloading, then add the contents of the resulting folder to iTunes, tag the Grouping with ‘album’ and delete the folder and it’s contents.

I think I got it.

And by seeing that picture, I start to understand why you are keen on having it automized. :smiley:

Haha, and thus why now that you’ve seen it I have removed it :smiley:

I’m a DJ and I work in a record store, so I consumer tons of stuff and download lots of blogged mp3s, so yeah, this is why I need the organization :slight_smile:

You sir, RULE.