Up Next / Play Next in iTunes

As of iTunes 11.4 there’s no function for either of these in the dictionary, I guess neither on 12+, since a search returned no results.

I know how to do it with GUI scripting.

But I’m asking if it’s possible to call an Obj-C function from AppleScript to avoid GUI scripting and how could I accomplish this?

There is a command “next track”, still there. “Up next” never saw, but a function for that could be written.

I know about that command, but those that I’d like to implement are for queueing music tracks. How would you write that?

Current Track and Current playlist are still properties of the Application class.
Make a playlist. Tell it to play. You can change the playlist on the fly and so change what will come next.

Thanks, that seems a nice work around I’ll default to if no one provides some guidance to call Obj-C to use Up Next.

If by “Up Next” you mean the thingie hanging from the “LCD” it’s not accessible with AppleScript.

You’r not going to find Objective-C calls to control applications, and what you’re dealing with here are very much application (ie, iTunes) properties.

I thought I could use some Obj-C calls to suplement iTunes’ AppleScript dictionary. Any other ideas?

Only: bugreport.apple.com