update an app.

Whats a code i could use to update a file? i got this much to see what the version is…

property appItunes : "/Applications/iTunes.app"

set v1 to version of application "iTunes"
set v2 to do shell script "defaults read /Applications/iTunes.app/Contents/Info CFBundleShortVersionString"
set v3 to short version of (info for POSIX file appItunes as alias)

but how do i compare to a websites and download if update available.

iTunes has auto-update does it not?
You cud use “curl” to compare the version you got to a website.

ah could you do examples? I only know a little of Applescript. I mean example of what is suppose to be in a text file… I know the curl stuff that i’d need…

it’s not for itunes. its for a program im making.

In that case use Sparkle :smiley:
It’s just what you need :smiley: