update Artwork on iPod

I have an application that updates the artwork of the currently playing song (it works great). The question that I have is how to get the corresponding song on the iPod to also update. Is there a flag that I can set that lets iTunes know that the data for a particular track has changed and needs to be updated on the iPod? Or, do I have to do it manually?

If I have to do it manually, can I use the database ID of the iTunes track in order to identify that track on the iPod?

Thanks in advance…


Anything that is updated in iTunes as part of the metadat for the track file will be automatically updated when you sync your pod to the computer the next time. If it does not seem to be working, unmount the pod, quit iTunes, and restart it. Choose a track that has been recently updated with your software, and press ⌘-i to see the info on that track. Double check that the artwork has indeed been installed as part of the file, and sync the pod again.

Good Luck