Update dictionary item name in plist file

Is there a way to update a dictionary item name in plist file? For example if I have a dictionary item with the name
Dict1 and want to change its name to Dict01, what are the methods available? Do I have to copy Dict1 item to Dict01 and delete Dict1? I have an app where a car name acts as the Dictionary key. Sometimes user misspells a car name. When he tries to update the car name, it creates a new dictionary item instead, leaving the incorrect car name still in the plist file. Currently user can delete the incorrect car, but I want give user the ability to update it. I can rework the logic , but wanted to know if there is a way out.


technically you have to get the object for the old key, remove the object in the plist and set the object for the new key like

set theDict to plist's objectForKey_(oldKey)
plist's removeObjectForKey_(oldKey)
plist's setObject_forKey_(theDict, newKey)

Thanks stefan