Update/Refresh via Shell

Just a quick one is there a shell equivalent to

tell application "Finder" to update Blah

if so what man page should I be looking for our better still an example!

Hi Mark,

refreshing a Finder object belongs only to the Finder, so I guess there is no shell equivalent.
But if you’re going to write a shell script, you can execute AppleScript code with the osascript command

I think i’ve found a solution. I was opening two new windows before using a do shell command. Now I have just switched the order to do the shell first then make new windows afterwards. Originally I was getting invisibles/cache files whatever showing that vanished when I clicked on them. Since the purpose was for a quick visual inspection this fixes my problem for now. But thanks anyhow, Finder can be a little lazy some times.

Another quick one which is the “path to” that takes my choose folder default location to “computer” where my mounted voluems are? (the blue screen icon)

property Def_Loc_1 : path to desktop
set Input_Folder to choose folder with prompt "Choose the directory you want to Sync from?" default location Def_Loc_1 without invisibles