update RSS feed

I’ve been using Reinvented Software’s Feeder application for the last year or so automatically update an RSS feed, however I’m having some trouble with it so I may need to find an alternative.

So far searching these forums and Google I’ve not found an answer, is anyone familiar with options for updating an RSS feed via AppleScript? I know that RSS files are just XML, and that in theory it would be trivial to do, but I’m not capable of rolling that kind of solution on my own. I’m really more of a copy and paste AppleScript user. :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I’ve broken down this task like this…

Script needs to:

  1. Download current feed XML and read into a variable.

Is this really as easy as

set theXMLURL to "http://plate.net/rsstest/rss.xml"
set CurrentXML to do shell script "curl '" & theXMLURL & "'"


  1. Add new to the XML-- this part seems trivial, just some text manipulation.

  2. Save the XML back into a file and reupload to the web site.

1 and 3 are where I’m uninitiated, I’ll focus my research on these two areas.