Updating a Data Source

I have a data source (listDS) that is, essentially, a list of files in a folder. This DS is displayed in a table where the user can select files to perform operations on via a checkbox in the table.

I have all the routines working for this the problem that I run into is that I need to synchronize the DS with the folder as it may undergo changes by the user. Although I can delete all the DS rows and reload the DS, this resets the values of the checkboxes previously set.

Is there a way to only add rows to the data source that do not already exist?


Yes, this will simply add more rows to an existing data source:

append myDataSource with listOfNewListsOrRecords

or just one row at a time:

make new data row at end in myDataSource with data newListOrRecord

You may want to instead compare your whole data source with the updated list of files, since the user could conceivably also delete or rename files.


Thanks for the help. These are routines that I was already using. I was hoping that someone knew of a simple way to do this as the records were added programatically.

I have disabled the user from changing the items in the DS so this isn’t an issue. Just if they change things in the folder. I guess the easiest way would be to store the state of the items and compare to each one as they are added to a cleaned out DS. I am not worried about them changing file names. The users only access to the folder will be through this or another program. Files will be added or deleted, but not changed.