Updating a folder from Mac 1 to Mac 2, 3 and 4

I have a large folder (and sub folders) of video and sound on my Mac.
I have copied it onto 3 other Macs on the network.
From time to time I will add (and maybe delete) files from the original folder.
The folders on the 3 other computers must be identical to the original folder.
I would like a script that will automatically do all the above. I assume it’s possible but I am so untalented…

Model: iMac 3,06 Ghz
AppleScript: 2.2.1
Browser: Firefox 3.0
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

You could attach an action script to your original folder that triggers when its modified, and that in turn would call a shell script to rsync that to all 3 targets.

My .02$


Hi RichardH,

Whenever it comes to synchronizing folders in Mac OS X, the first recommendation must be the built-in «rsync» command, which can be called from within AppleScript using the «do shell script» command. Searching the forums for ‘rsync’ should provide you with a lot of interesting posts about this subject.

But you can also use a free GUI wrapper for rsnyc like arRsync, which might suit your needs just fine.

Thank you very much. I think Arsync will do the job nicely but I will check out rsync on the forum :slight_smile:

Anyone know of a good gui for rsync that is apple scriptable or anyone able to build arRsync with the corrections made to the scriptability?

No offense, but what’s the point having an scriptable application while you can run rsync directly on the command line? A lot of overhead and GUI trashing if you ask me. Just asking

DJ Bazzie Wazzie has a point.

The thing is, if you make a script which you run after you have selected the folder in finder, and just choose another folder. Then it would work in a generic way.

If you have another set of options, just boilerplate the first script and edit it. You can of course also make a handler that takes two posix paths the first time around, for an even more generic approach.

Making an rsync wrapper scriptable, seems a little bit too much for me. Much work, with little gain.

Valid points guys. I guess I was wowed by a progress bar that no one will see anyway :D.


Daring you to implement StefanK’s SKProgressBar in a script, so that you get a progress bar you will see while rsync is executing.

DJ Bazzie Wazzie wrote a snippet for doing similiar for divster I think, -if you want to search for the snippet. :wink: