Updating an nsBrowser browser view

I have a browser in a drawer attached to the main window of my Xcode/AppleScript application that shows the files my application is working with. Clicking them, loads the file into the a text field of the main window, and I am able to save that contents back as a (another) file. Everything works nicely, but I have a problem with the browser.

It does not update after I save the file. That can be overcome by reselecting the branch, but not when the file is in the root of the browser. On the other hand, telling the browser object to refresh, resets all the selections I’ve made in it, and brings the browser back to its initial state: the root items.

I would like to find a method to refresh all columns selected of the browser, without resetting its state, even if that means using some objective C code. Something to “reload” the selected columns. Can anyone help me a bit with this?

Found an objective C method in the NSBrowser.h file that seems to do the trick.
I keep track of the last column used, and this does the refresh:

	repeat with i from 0 to (MaxColumn - 1)
		call method "reloadColumn:" of FileNSbrowser with parameter i
	end repeat