Upgrade an applescript

Is anyone interested in helping our magazine rewrite several Applescripts (originally written to run in OS 9.2) to run in OS 10.2.8?

We use the scripts to clean up text and for various other functions. Please reply to this e-mail address. There should be some money involved for you.

thank you

I’m sure you’ll be deluged with offers, but you’ll need to get a non-guest user name on this list for people to send you messages.

Alternately, go to http://macscripter.net/developers/ and do a search for your city/state. Hopefully you can find someone near you. If not, try to figure out who’s the real deal from their descriptions, and if you’re doing something substantial, take the time to check some references. If you’re not a scripter, it’s hard to tell who’s good and who’s not, but most of us are.