Upgrading to Toger

Hi all,
I am just about to go from Panther to Tiger and have alot of scripts running on both workstations and Xserves.
Should I be worried…? Anything I need do rewright? Any known problems?

I know I read something here about trouble with mounts, but that was a problem with 10.4 itself, not applescript, per se. Do a search for Tiger here to see if there’s anything else that’s been mentioned. You’re on the leading edge, though. Definately install Tiger on a test volume if you can and test. I’m waiting a few months to upgrade my xserves. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to do it now.

One issue to look out for, is if you use shell scripts in your applescripts. I have had an issue where I ftp using shell script, and the ftp commend is more up to date than the one in 10.3. So I have had to modify the script for 10.4. :confused:

Just in case you didn’t see MS’s front page, Mac is already releasing 10.4.1 :rolleyes: