Urgent HELP needed.

I am tasked with entering a large amount of data and would apperciate any help with developing an AppleScript for the two tasks … I tried using Automator but was unsuccessful
If someone can tell me the code I can use or tell me where I can find it , I would be forever grateful

  1. The first one , I need to be able to automate the task extracting each patient’s Name, Sex, Date of Birth, off a pdf file then use this info to add each of these patients into the electronic medical record website .

  2. The second task , is I need to be able to extract a patient chart ,off the electronic medical record website, and save it as a PDF in a folder in my desktop.

I have to do that for 500+ patients, so you going to save my life with this. Willing to pay for your help on this

Thank you so much in advance

Model: MAC
Browser: Safari 601.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.10)

Hi. You posted under Code Exchange, which is for sharing completed code”not asking general questions. Your request is skimpy on details, but it seems to be soliciting for unpaid programming on a project that’s obviously commercial in nature and which could potentially run afoul of healthcare privacy laws. Someone should be paid handsomely to do this correctly/securely. I work in the healthcare field and would be aghast to learn that a facility allowed its records to be edited/viewed as clear text across the internet.

Ok sir , No HIPPA violation here . There were no mention of any particular patient info and there will not be any such thing . You don’t have to believe me but I know much more about privacy laws , I’m a compliant officer .
Dude , thank you for pointing c that I didn’t attach my detailed work here , I will do that as I move the post to the right area …

And please spare me the discussion about running any faults and legalities … I’m very well aware of all this and that was taken into consideration …

Thank you

If questions become so general it immediately gets more questions:

The code extracting data from an PDF with AppleScript completely depends on the PDF itself. Does it have an text layer or is the PDF not selectable? If so, how’s the markup of the PDF? If not, AppleScript has first run the PDF through an OCR before it can extract text from it.

About your second question: Is the site plain HTML or is it an application running in your browser? Some of my clients are using asp.net or Java apps running in a browser. I’ve never seen medical records in plain HTML, getting information from the site (using do javascript command) is much harder when it’s not HTML.