URGENT! Won't recognize Scripting Additions again!

PLEASE HELP ME with this one… I’m stuck at home over the weekend with a project with a Monday deadline and can’t continue… :frowning:
PROBLEM: Script Editor suddenly stopped recognizing the Standard Scripting Additions. Instead of the usual commands like “path to”, “display dialog” and “beep”, it displays the chevrons and Apple Events. I’ve tried restarting, command-option-P-R, but I’m stuck. None of my scripts will compile.
This has happened to me twice now, each time on an iBook with 32MB RAM, once with Mac OS 9, now with Mac OS 8.6. And my G4 with 256MB RAM also started acting up last night…
I’ve been using Network Setup Scripting and the ICScriptor osax a lot (the one that gives you access to Internet Config settings), but I can’t tell if they are related to the problem.
If anybody has seen this behaviour before or has any other suggestions, PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP… so I can get some work done here :frowning:
Much appreciated!
– Thomas Fruin