URL encoding "extended" characters

I have been searching for an AS routine that will properly encode characters such as í. All the routines I find turn í into %92, but when I put %92 into the URL and pass it through my browser the receiving site shows me '. Poking around it seems that í should be encoded into %ED.

What routine will encode extended characters like this properly?

This is not really “Url Encode”, but “Form Encode”. As if you were filling a form in a web page. Depending on the page’s encoding, you may encode the text accordingly. Actually, “ED” would be the ISO-Latin-1 (or ISO 8859-1) hex-equivalent to the i-acute. This routine still works:

charToISOLatin1Hex("í") --> "ED"

on charToISOLatin1Hex(c)
	if (count c) is not 1 then error "Only 1 char at a time, please..."
	-- only one character or force error
	set c to item -1 of (({{coercionTrick:c as Unicode text}}) as string)
	c as C string
		result * 5
	on error msg
		return text ((offset of "«data cstr" in msg) + 10) thru ((offset of "00»" in msg) - 1) of msg
	end try
end charToISOLatin1Hex

Thank you So Much!