URL scheme

This post discusses a script for the Address Book URL scheme.

How do you find which applications support URL schemes? How do you find what the URL scheme is?


That is really simple, you install RCDefaults. preferencce pane, and check the uri tab. Or, you’ll look into the info.plist file, and see what key uti’s (uniform type identifiers) are registered under. Those keys, are what uti’s an app can handle, not which is default.

I guess there is a way to programmatically query launchDB about which app is the default app for which uti, but so far I have lived well with RCDefaults.app. (It works with Mavericks and is totally free.)

I haven’t seen that before, I will check it out. Thanks.

I endorse, therefore I am. :slight_smile:

Well. I think I first installed that one on Tiger, and it has worked flawlessly since, it is free, and stable. You should click on the app tab to see every uti an app can handle.