URLs to Finder comment

it annoyed me very long time, to have no source url info attached to my offline readings, like htm, html documents.
After some discussion on the main forum, i decided to solve the problem with another approach.
The code below was written for my preferred browser, Opera. If some people want versions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, then ask me here.But before you ask, try to make your hands dirty yourself, because the main code here works well. You really have to do some tweaks only, or take out the portions you need to build your own script. Enjoy!

#Source Url > Comment
#Developed by Joy, 30.07.14
#add source urls to downloaded files. Create an stay-open app or assign a keyboard shortcut to an Service, or other. 
#a) set your browser under: property my_browser (i tested NOT with other browsers EXCEPT Opera, with absolutely no applescript support)
#b) choose short/long urls under: property: short_urls  (true / false)
#c) set the file extension of the files you download. By default, htm is set, which means for spotlight: search for htm or html 
#d) choose your download folder. By default, i instructed spotlight to look for downloaded htm, html documents in: Home/downloads/ 
#    set your file path in paragraph 2 of the "on save" handler, if you like.

property my_browser : "Opera"
property short_urls : true
property sufx : ".htm" #dont forget the point!

on reopen
	my save_it()
end reopen

on run
	my save_it()
end run

on save_it()
	#activate your browser
	activate application my_browser
	set trg to (path to downloads folder as text)
	#fetch url and title
	set {ttitle, get_url} to my fetch_url(my_browser)
	if short_urls is true then
		set get_url to text 1 thru ((offset of "/" in get_url) - 1) of get_url
	end if
	#return {ttitle, get_url}
	#save process
	#repeat 2 times
	tell application my_browser to activate
	#end repeat
	my wait_r1(my_browser)
	set {bad_file, mdf} to my wait_r2(trg, ttitle)
	if bad_file is true then
	end if
	set hfs_file to POSIX file (mdf as text)
	tell application "Finder" to set comment of (hfs_file as alias) to get_url
end save_it

on fetch_url(my_browser)
	tell application "System Events" to tell process my_browser to tell window 1
		tell text field 1 to set get_url to item 10 of (properties as list)
		set ttitle to title
	end tell
	return {ttitle, get_url}
end fetch_url

on wait_r1(my_browser)
	tell application "System Events"
		tell process my_browser to tell window 1
			keystroke "s" using command down
			do shell script "sleep 0.5"
				if every sheet is {} then
					exit repeat
					do shell script "sleep 2"
				end if
			end repeat
		end tell
	end tell
end wait_r1
on wait_r2(trg, ttitle)
	#routine for bigger files - wait till the file is written
	set dd to 0
	set bad_file to false
	set mdf to ""
		set mdf to do shell script "mdfind  -onlyin '" & POSIX path of trg & "' '" & ttitle & sufx & "'"
		if mdf is "" then
			do shell script "sleep 2"
			set dd to dd + 2
			if dd = 20 and mdf is "" then
				set bad_file to true
				exit repeat
			end if
			exit repeat
		end if
	end repeat
	return {bad_file, mdf}
end wait_r2

Sometimes i hate when apps upgrade.
The latest update of Opera broke my script. I tried with a valid workaround but it seems not to work regularly. So, my apologies, dont use this script anymore.