Use AppleScript Studio terminology in any script

I discovered today that by asking an AppleScript studio app to do things on your behalf, you can essentially get the benefits of AppleScript studio into any standalone script. So I put together an EMPTY AS studio application that runs in the background:

If you download this to your computer, you can now use the entire AppleScriptKit terminology by simply addressing the application “AppleScriptKit”. For example:

WebSafeString(" with spaces.html")

on WebSafeString(myString)
	tell application "AppleScriptKit"
		set myURLString to call method "stringWithString:" of class "NSString" with parameter myString
		set myFixedURLString to call method "stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding:" of myURLString with parameter 30
	end tell
end WebSafeString

This produces the string “

Hi redsweater,

May be this is a dumb question but I am asking nonetheless.

Question: Will this allow one to imbed GUI creation tool of AppleScript Studio into any AppleScript script?

Thanks for any enlightenment.

archseed :?: