User Interaction: Is this possible in AS?

Hey everybody

I’m new to AppleScript…I hope this is not too obvious

I found a cool user interaction dialog in an application called Punakea ( looking like this

I think you see how it works: You enter a word, in this case tags, hit return and enter the next tag…

I would like to do this with AppleScript, possible?

If not, can somebody turn this into an osax?

thanks for your answers


AppleScript: 2.2
Browser: Camino
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

You can create a return separated list from a user dialog. The question is what
are you trying to accomplish. How do you want to use this information once
you get it.

The following will produce a list like {“One”, “Two”, “Three”}
If the user enters:

set theResult to paragraphs of text returned of¬
 (display dialog "Enter your text with a return after each entry." ¬
 default answer return & return & return & return)



simple but effective!

That’s quite exactely what I wanted.