Using a hotkey in Safari to start a script?

Although I’m a big fan of Safari, unfortunately it still displays some pages incorrectly. This makes me move to Explorer every once in a while to continue my browsing. When doing that, I always have to copy and paste the url.

I wrote a script to take the url from safari, activate explorer and open the url in a new window.

Now … I want to call it by pressing a hot key. In Mail I do this by simply adding ‘___ctl-x’ or something to the name of the file. However, this does not seem to work in Safari. Anyone who can help me out?

Hello gadg,

I’d recommend either Youpi Key, X Keys (both of which I believe you’ll find at, Extra Suites at or, if you have the right version, System Events (a search on this site for keywords “System Events” wil most likely prove satisfactory). Additionally, I believe you’ll find some scripts for Safari ( if not a whole PACKAGE of scripts) on either Scriptbuilders or Code Exchange of I hope this helps.


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