Using applescript as postflight script in package maker.

Hi List,

I am creating package of my application where I am using an apple script that I want to run as “postflight” script in the resource folder. Script looks some thing like this.

In this script I am setting the values corresponding keys “LastSyncSessionTime” and " LastSyncSessionTimeContact" to “none” in the plist of application.


set myPlist to “”

set someFile to ((path to preferences as Unicode text) & myPlist & “.plist”)


        someFile as alias

        set mycal to do shell script "defaults read " & myPlist & " LastSyncSessionTime"

        set myaddressbook to do shell script "defaults read " & myPlist & " LastSyncSessionTimeContact"

        -- edit values to calValue & addressbookValue

        set calValue to "none"

        set addressbookValue to "none"

        do shell script "defaults write " & myPlist & " LastSyncSessionTime  " & calValue

        do shell script "defaults write " & myPlist & " LastSyncSessionTimeContact  " & addressbookValue

on error

        --display dialog "File not exists"

end try

I want this script to run after performing installation of application. Unfortunately this is not working when placed in the resource folder as postflight script.

I am saving the apple script as application. My Mac version is 10.4.8 an package maker’s version is 2.2.2(123).

Is there is any way to use Apple Script in package maker?

Any help is useful.

Thanks and Regards,


Hi Manish,

It’s been a while xince I made a package, but as I remember it, using Iceberg was easier to attach AppleScripts. You might want to try it out: