using applescript in Filemaker


I am stumped as how to execute this process. I am trying to write a script in Filemaker that takes advantage of Applescript in which it compares the contents of a field (in current record) to .txt files in a specific folder on the desktop. If the field contents and the file name match I would like to then import the contents of the file into another field within the same record. I have tried a few attempts at calling a terminal command with grep but failed miserably - any help pointing me in the right direction?


Hi, as I know, you can not have a AppleScript within FileMaker speaking to FileMaker itself. That means, you can look if the keyword is in the external file, but then you have to start an external script to import the text. By the way, the best thing to do so is to use the “Text - Plugin” from See you.



Great suggestion I think it will solve the issue, many thanks!

thats not actually true heres snipit

tell application “FileMaker Pro”
tell document “foo” – replace foo with your FMdatabase name
tell current record
set ContentsOfCell to cell “CellName” --replace CellName with name of the cell
end tell
end tell

let me know if you have questions