Using AppleScript to read from a serial port

does anyone know of a way to issue a read command to a serial port.

I have a device that strips off the caller ID information from a multi-line telephone line and sends it in text format over a serial line. I can connect a Keyspan serial adapter and make it come through a USB pprt. I want to be able to read this information via AppleScript.

I can only use Panther or Tiger OS

Any ideas? Is this even possible in AppleScript? thank you

I’m sure somebody will know the right answer. I only have a couple guesses that might steer you in the right direction. Maybe there’s something you can do to send/get text from a port (like /dev/tty.modem or whatever) in shell script. I used to use zterm for serial comm. You can write zterm scripts and dump to disk, but I don’t think it’s scriptable. At least it wasn’t when I used it like 10 years ago.

The easiest way for sure is I think it’s only a few bucks.

Check out jon’s phone tool too.

Thanks for the response. I downloaded the app and will try it.

Thanks again