Using Bonjour

Hey there,

I’m developing an iTunes remote control app called TuneConnect ( which uses Bonjour to detect the computers that are enabled to be controlled (that is, have Remote Apple Events enabled). The service name is _eppc._tcp, and I’m browsing in the domain local.

Basically, what I need is an Objective-C (or the like) method I can call from AppleScript Studio that will return a list of computers available (1 second for scanning is fine, and it should be returned in full format, that is, “MyMac.local” not just “MyMac”… it causes issues, because [to use one user’s example], their computer name was “Cube!”, but the computer actually needs to be referenced as “Cube.local”, without the exclamation point, or an error is generated; TuneConnect was looking for “Cube!.local” which didn’t exist).

I know next to nothing about Objective-C, so I was hoping someone could do this for me…? It’s an open source app, and of course your name would be included in the credits.

Thanks in advance!


PS, by the way, my current implementation of Bonjour is using the command line mdns tool, which causes problems like that detailed above, and is less reliable in general than a native method.