Using Dialog Maker to output actions for Automator

Hello everyone,

First post here at macscripter, so thank you for allowing me to participate!

I’m not a coder, by any means, but I do like to use automator and some easy Applescripting to deal with some repetitive tasks that I need to perform daily. Now, a while ago I found this app called Dialog Maker, which creates code in a WYSIWYG way, and I thought, well, this is just what I need. And it is, but only to some extent. I emailed the app’s author, and we kindly replied and mentioned macscripter as the place I would most likely find the help I need, so here I am.
What I was trying to do was to have a dialog pop-up at specific days (weekends, in this particular case), with a few options. The dialog would ask what I wanted to do next, and according to my choice, it would fire up different Automator actions.
Now, I have all the Automator actions ready, and I have created the dialog window. What I need to know is how do I connect them together. Bellow is the code that Dialog Maker is outputting, as well as the names for the actions corresponding to each dialog option. Can anyone help me figure out what piece of code I need to connect those?

Code outputted from Dialog Maker:

choose from list {“Writing”,“Jogging”,“Email”,“Meeting”} with title “What would you like to do today?”

Automator actions names:

  • Writing
  • Jogging
  • Email
  • Meeting

Please bear in mind that I’m not an expert, not even close, so I’m also not aware of how difficult, or easy this is. I’m trying to figure out that exactly.
Either way, I’m eager to learn, and I thank you so much for taking the time.

All the best,