Using Fn Keys to Gradually Change Display Contrast

Mid-2011 iMac
Mac OS X 10.11.2
Script Editor Version 2.8.1
Applescript 2.5

(I had written some simple Applescripts sometime back, but even then my knowledge was not near as good as I would have liked. Now, I am almost at beginner’s level again. This comes from not using Applescript in a long time I suppose.)

Et Al: I am aware that the display’s contrast can be adjusted in the System Preference/Accessibility/Display/Display contrast slider. I would rather have that ability on the fly like Fn14 lowers brightness and Fn15 raises brightness. I would like to have Control Fn14 and Control Fn15 lower and raise contrast in steps, i.e. gradually.

How do I access this, System Prefs or directly access these parameters and then assign this to the appropriate Fn keys?

Any suggestions or examples would be greatly appreciated.


This is an addition to the request above.

I had looked at my previous posts and found one the was basically the same idea, but involved adjusting the sound balance.

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I’m thinking I can modify this and perhaps it will suffice?