using function down

So, apparently

using function down


using fn down

is not a thing…

I’d like to press fn + ctrl + left

tell application "System Events"
	key code 123 using {function down, control down}
end tell

of course, that ^^^^ doesn’t work.

Is there a way around this?

i tried

tell application "System Events"
	key down (key code 63)
	key down (key code 59)
	key down (key code 123)
	delay 0.2
	key up (key code 123)
	key up (key code 59)
	key up (key code 63)
end tell

to no avail :confused:

If my memory is right, the wanted commands aren’t available inApple delivered tool (at least in 10.13.6 and older system).

You may get these features using the CLI cliclick from :

Yvan KOENIG running High Sierra 10.13.6 in French (VALLAURIS, France) dimanche 7 février 2021 11:29:58

If you are looking for arrow to point lower right [format]:arrow_lower_right:︎[/format]

I believe you could get that with key code 119

On my Mojave pressing fn + ctrl + arrow right
Tell me key code 119, but I have not test it…

Thank you both for the reply.

You’ve confirmed my suspicion that there isn’t a way to trigger the fn key in AppleScript.

Fortunately, I found a way to achieve what I wanted using Hammerspoon to access the action I needed from the app I was writing the script for in the first place.

Keep being awesome!